Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda



Municipality Kozarska Dubica has formed a business zone at the location "Lipova Greda" - Draksenić with total area of ​​69 hectares.

Business zone "Lipova Greda" is located on both sides along the main road Kozarska Dubica - Gradiška and only 10 km away from the border crossing Donja Gradina - Jasenovac (Croatia).

Zagreb-Belgrade highway is just 19 km away and connects the Business zone "Lipova Greda" with all major centers in the region and further into Europe (Zagreb 100 km, Belgrade 322 km, Ljubljana 267 km).

Navigable river Sava, which flows through the municipality, makes this area additionally interesting because of the possibile navigational waterway connections with Europe.