Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda

Business zone is intended for the construction of small and medium-sized industrial plants for manufacturing and processing businesses, as well as to develop all kinds of crafts and service facilities, cold stores and warehouses for different purposes.

Investors in the Business zone "Lipova Greda" are provided with a complete road  infrastructure, water supply and sewerage connection, and connection to the electrical and telecommunication networks.

1.2 million KM has been invested during the first phase of infrastructural constructions in the business zone.

Infrastructural works on the access roads in the area are completed, and dual rainwater sewage and waste water network and the complete water supply network are built.

In cooperation with Elektrokrajina power station of 1 MW capacity is installed, enabling electricity connection access to investors in the Business Zone "Lipova Greda".