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Business zone Lipova Greda
Italians are interested in investing in a business zone "Lipova Greda" PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 10:02

Mayor of Kozarska Dubica Nino Jauz met today with representatives of five companies from Italy, who have expressed interest in investing in a business zone "Lipova Greda" in this municipality. After meeting with Italian investors Jauz expressed optimism about reaching a final agreement on cooperation.

"Based on preliminary interviews followed by further stages of the negotiations, we expect an investment in a business zone as the end result "Lipova Greda". Representatives of these companies are very keen to install new production facilities outside of Italy, and our business area is evaluated as one of the most interesting because of the proximity of the Italian and European markets and of course because of all the conditions that we offer", said Jauz.
He recalled that in the process of forming a business zone "Lipova Greda", Kozarska Dubica municipality has signed an agreement on its promotion to the Italian company "IBC" that operates within the group, "Franzoni Filati," and added that this agreement is the result of today's visit of Italian companies from different production activities that are interested in investing in the Republic of Srpska. After meeting at the Municipal Building in Kozarska Dubica, Italian investors, accompanied by municipal officials, visited the company "Dubicotton", which was founded by the Italian capital of the company "Franzoni Filati" - the leader in the textile industry in Italy and Europe.
The director of company Drazen Vidovic said that "Dubicotton" is an example of a positive experience trough investing in the municipality Kozarska Dubica, and that visit of Italian investors proves concrete cooperation in terms of bringing in foreign investors in the business zone "Lipova Greda". Vidovic said that interested investors from Italy come from different industrial sectors, including manufacture of plastics, sports portfolio, textile and metal industries, and announced that after today's meeting will be conducted individual interviews with company representatives. Commercial Director of the "Fratelo Montana" company from Italy Roberto Danieli said that his company is interested in space for dealing with plastic materials regeneration. He estimated that it is possible that the choice of "fall" to this area and said company will make decisions on investments in the second half of this year. Danieli said that the company "Fratelo Montana" deals with regeneration and production of castings of plastic materials and are making an annual turnover of around nine million euros. Kozarska Dubica meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Minister Serbian Djuro Grbic, who pointed out that the business zone "Lipova Greda", which provided the infrastructure, is attractive for foreign investors. Grbic added that investors today introduced a series of favorable options when it comes to the environment for investing in Srpska, among others, the factors of stability, economic policy, and the fact that the Srpska government has provided incentives and stimulating resources and adopted a series of strategies that relate the development of industry, encouragement of exports and attracting foreign investors. "When it comes to the business zone "Lipova Greda" Kozarska Dubica municipality can count on the responsible ministries help, and help from government of Srpska as well", Grbic said. The representatives of Italian companies, accompanied by the municipal leadership, visited the location of the business zone "Lipova Greda".