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Saturday, 18 August 2012 10:27

The company "Eko-Bel" from Laktaši opened the new plant for fruit and vegetable processing in the Business zone "Lipova Greda" in Kozarska Dubica.

Eko-Bel fabrika

The value of this investment, which is the first business-processing facility in the Business zone, in the first phase is 3.5 million, and includes agro-business center for the collection and processing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants, wild berries and mushrooms.

Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska Željko Kovačević said that the opening of the building of the "Eko-Bel" gives a new impulse to the Republic of Srpska economy since the production and new investments mean development of the Republic of Srpska.

"As the Minister I'm especially looking forward to events like these, because today we attend the opening of a commercial zone in the RS and it represents a good example of how a local community cares about its development and citizens", said Kovačević.

He added that the Government had supported and will continue to support such projects and found that the commercial zone in Kozarska Dubica is one of the most promising in the Republic of Srpska and can be a model of how to organize the business zone.

Owner of the company "Eko-Bel" Vladimir Šušnjar said he is confident in the success of newly opened plant in Kozarska Dubica that in the first phase will employ 15 workers and more than 800 farmers from this and neighboring municipalities.

"Kozarska Dubica offered us the best terms, because we received all the necessary support to make a good manufacturing plant in the business zone, together with the ideal natural conditions and vicinity of the border with Croatia", explained Šušnjar.

He said that production in Kozarska Dubica is based on the collection and processing of fruit, especially dried plums, vegetables, herbs and similar, and that the plant is equipped with the most modern driers and that will fulfill all the necessary production standards needed on the European market.

Šušnjar announced that most of the products will be exported to the foreign markets in Western Europe and especially in Israel where the company achieved good business contacts.

Mayor of Kozarska Dubica Nino Jauz said that the opening of the first plant in the Business zone "Lipova Greda" is the result of the work and dedication of the municipality of Kozarska Dubica in the last three and a half years on the formation and creation of Business zone in Lipova Greda.

"Investment od "Eko-Bel" is extremely important for Kozarska Dubica not only by direct creation of new jobs but also through cooperative relationship that will ensure the existence of a large number of people in our municipality," said Jauz.

He added that business zone in Kozarska Dubica is well located in and offers to all investors the best conditions, complete infrastructure and 24 hour assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for construction and subsidies.