Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda

All necessary infrastructure for investors is provided to the plot (sewage and industrial and special drain storm water, water, electricity, optical cables for telephone and internet), with a note that investor individually negotiates every specific service connection with service providers.

Individual approach to each investor and active assistance in preparing the necessary documentation is provided.

Land price in the business zone is 4,50 €/m2 with the possibility of giving a discount price, depending on the number of newly created jobs, investment amount and type of activity. The investor receives land for permanent ownership.

Transaction fee for change of use of agricultural into building land is 1,00 €/m2 with the possibility that the investor is exempted from paying fees for certain investments.

Investor's obligations to municipality Kozarska Dubica are payment of utility fee and building rents, till obtaining the use permits this amounts total from 1,50 to 2,00 €/m2 of building space constructed.

A special advantage of the Business zone "Lipova Greda" is the question of resolved ownership, because the municipality Kozarska Dubica is 100% owner of the land in the bussines zone, which can shorten all procedures during the sale and the the process of issuing necessary documents.