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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 14:11

Agriculture with an emphasis on fruit production, metal industry and transport are areas in which businessmen from Turkey and Kozarska Dubica could soon work together.

The delegation of the Turkish province of Bursa is visiting Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which they visited production facilities in municipality of Kozarska Dubica, and held meetings with local businessmen and officials discussing the possibility of establishing economic cooperation. This visit of the Turkish delegation in Kozarska Dubica is direct result of meetings held earlier.

Privrednici iz Turske u Kozarskoj Dubici

The Local Development Agency and the Department of Economics and Social Affairs have been working intensivly for several months on establishing contacts with businessmen from Turkey, said the director of the Local Development Agency Danijel Marjanović, and pointed out the importance and seriousness of these activities for Turkish businessmen who are seeking business opportunities in order to to facilitate the placement of goods and services in the European Union.

The delegation of Turkish businessmen headed by the Bayezit Murat, the president of the business association of Bursa region, visited companies "Unaplod", "Nova Mehanika", "Eko-Bel" and "Mlijekoprodukt".

Kozarska Dubica is one of eight municipalities in BiH, with whom Bursa, the strongest industrial regions of Turkey, plans to establish economic cooperation.