Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda










The company works since the March 1st 1997.

Activities: Purchase and processing of milk and dairy products

Main products:

* Pasteurized milk
* Yogurt
* Cream Cheese
* Sour cream
* Prolonged milk
* 30.000 m2 of space, of which 7.000 m2 of built objects
* Daily processing of 150.000 liters of milk

Number of employees: 260


MLIJEKOPRODUKT is the largest dairy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Buildings constructed according to European standards, automated manufacturing, professional staff and a 24 products palette with the possibility of introducing new products provide real leadership in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a significant position in the region. Milk is purchased from over 7.000 suppliers in the area of ​​17 municipalities.


From receipt of raw milk to the release of the finished product on the market each product must pass four quality control levels. MLIJEKOPRODUKT also has chemical and microbiological laboratory, which helps to determ the percentage of fat, protein, dry matter and total number of microorganisms. 70% of the company is completely automated, and in August 2005. the HACCP system certification is made.



Person responsible: Rankica Marelj, director
Address: Vrioci bb
79240 Kozarska Dubica
Phone: +387 52 448 244
Fax: +387 52 448 242
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