Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda







ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL KD Ltd. does business since years 1996. and is 100% owned by ZEPTER company.

The value of investment: Value invested in hotel construction in recent years amounts to 10 million KM.

Activity: Manufacturing of high quality tableware, trade and catering

Main products:

* High-quality cookware
* The hotel and catering services
* Production hall 2.500 m2
* Administration building 2.000 m2
* Hotel 3.500 m2

Number of employees: 80


Accommodation: The overnight capacity for 50 people. The hotel has 18 double and single hotel rooms, of which 5 are apartments. All rooms are luxuriously furnished and have all the necessary amenities. Guests also have 3 luxury suites at the disposal. Hotel services: restaurant, cafe, cafe pizzeria, discotheque, spa and wellness center, beauty salon, hair salon, gym and two conference halls with a capacity of 200 and 50 seats. The restaurant has 100 seats, a restaurant pleasant terrace with 100 seats and split-level terrace on the ground floor with 300 seats.

ZEPTER company in Kozarska Dubica has a facility for high-quality dishes production and opened a modern hotel on a attractive location in the center of Kozarska Dubica, on the Una river bank, along the Croatian border crossing.



Person responsible:
Address: Cvijićeva bb
79240 Kozarska Dubica
Phone: +387 52 419 970
Fax: +387 52 419 101
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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