Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda
Eco-Bel to build a plant for processing fruit and herbs in Lipova Greda PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 December 2011 11:15

In the municipality of Kozarska Dubica a contract was signed for sale of a second construction lot in the business zone Lipova Greda of the total area of 5.438 square meters.

“The company Eko Bel from Laktaši is the buyer of both lots in the Business Zone Lipova Greda. The sale of the second lot is a result of good work and vision of the implementation of the project Formation of the Business Zone. The first investor intends to build a plant here for fruit and herbs processing which is further important for the reason that our fruit growers will have guaranteed sales, and the same opportunity is created for those who choose to engage in production of herbs," said Mayor Nino Jauz after the signing of the contract.

He said that the municipality has made ​​an interesting offer of the Business Zone for investors and in the future it is expected that beside local also foreign investors appear. "Our business zone is in such a location which is an advantage compared to other business zones in the region. The last year ended in beautiful things, i.e. in signing this purchase agreement, and we started it with a termination of bankruptcy proceedings in two companies and the sale of the first lot. I must say that we in Kozarska Dubica have not only managed to preserve existing jobs but also conditions for opening new production plants have been created. We will continue to work in that direction to create the best conditions for the arrival of new investments, as only that realistically means creating new jobs," said Jauz.

Vladimir Šušnjar owner of Eco-Bel stressed that the local community eased a lot when it comes to procedures for investments. "We have recognized the benefits of this business zone and that is why we decided to invest particularly here. This is an indicator that something positive is happening in the RS, particularly when it comes to agriculture. Our idea is that by working with subcontractors we supply enough materials so that they can have a smooth production. In addition, we will redeem their `black` surplus and process it in our plant, which we are forming here," said Šušnjar.

He said that the first building under construction is intended for an agricultural pharmacy and administration, at the beginning of construction season construction of production facilities will begin where a dryer of capacity of 1200 tons will be built. "Besides drying fruit we will work with herb processing. We wish to hire 30 workers in the first year. We are very ambitious in our plans and by the end of the sixth month we will have a built facility in which we invest KM 2 million," said Šušnjar.

Representatives of municipality of Kozarska Dubica have recently presented the opportunity to invest in the business zone Lipova Greda at a conference which was organized at the headquarters of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) in Rome. The conference was named "Bosnia and Herzegovina and economic opportunities for Italian companies," the municipality of Kozarska Dubica was the only one from BiH invited to present investment opportunities since the business zone Lipova Greda was assessed as the most promising in BiH.