Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda







The company UNAPLOD operates since 2006.

Services: Breeding, buying, keeping and storage of fresh apples and pears

Main products: High-quality fresh fruit throughout the year


* ULO cold storage 9.000 tons
* Own intensive crops of apples and pears - a total of 120 hectares
* Total planned area of ​​300 ha under plantations

Number of employees: 50

Value of investment: total invested assets since the establishment 30 million KM.


UNAPLOD has the largest ULO cold storage in Bosnia and Herzegovina with capacity of 9.000 tons. Products are sorted on the sort line and packed in the convenient packaging. UNAPLOD works for years with a large number of manufacturers (over 150 subcontractors).


In 2008 the company started the project of planting their own fruit plantations. Currently the UNAPLOD plantations cover 120 hectares of intensive orchards of apples and pears planted in accordance with modern standards in the world fruit production, which, among other things includes an "drop by drop" irrigation system. Estimated total area under plantations is 300 hectares.



Person responsible: Mile Arsenić, director
Address: M. M. Tepića 109
79240 Kozarska Dubica
Phone: +387 52 422 900; 422 910
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it