Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

Business zone Lipova Greda


The municipality Kozarska Dubica with a moderate climate, natural and historical heritage and preserved environment has a great potential for successful development of tourism and tourist offer.

Ground for the successful development of tourism in the Kozarska Dubica is based on:

  • Valuable natural resources (mountain Kozara, various climate, the rivers Una and Sava, lake Lipova Greda, different types of plant and animal species, specific ecosystems, thermal, thermomineral and mineral water, etc)
  • Very favorable geostrategic location (close to the European market)
  • Diversity of natural tourism values
  • Spa tourism (spa Mlječanica)
  • Accommodations (hotel Zepter)
  • Preserved environment
  • Rich cultural and historical heritage
  • Healthy food and traditional cuisine
  • Hospitality
  • Competitive prices



Generally speaking, the following types of tourism are currently ongoing or have the possibility of a further development expansion:


Mountain tourism

Kozara is the air spa, unique in Europe at the regeneration of red blood cells speed. Tracts of coniferous forests, as well as numerous mountain springs, rivers, waterfalls and viewpoints provide a special quality for emotional experience of Kozara and Prosara. The highest peak of Kozara is Lisina - 978 m.

The central part of Kozara was declared a national park in 1967 with an area of ​​3.494,51 hectares. "National Park Kozara" is a member of the Federation of National Parks of Europe - EUROPARK.

Spa tourism

Spa Mlječanica is located on the right side of the small river Mlječanica, where the healing springs are located, in the area of ​​21 hectares.

Spa Mlječanica was founded thanks to the source of mineral water in Mlječanica, known for its healing properties since the year 1882, and provides a successful recovery, rehabilitation, physical therapy and a pleasant relaxation and recreation for its guests.

Mlječanica spa has a capacity of 110 beds assigned in double rooms, 2 suites and 45 beds in bungalows, which are all air conditioned and have TV cameras and satellite dishes. In addition, a separate entity is a department for neurological rehabilitation, equipped with the modern appliances and necessary resources for patients medical rehabilitation.

The spa has its own laboratory, functional diagnostics, library, amphitheater, space for physical therapy,  kinesitherapy and balneotherapy.


Rural Tourism

The development of rural tourism as an integral part of the overall tourism industry has a special significance. For this reason, there is an intense involvement of villages into tourism offer through the funding of selected households, as well as their education and promotion.

Religious tourism

Monastery Moštanica is located in the slope of the Mala Gradina, in the sheltered area of ​​flat land overgrown with scented linden. Legend says that the monastery Moštanica originated in 11th century. The monastery still keeps the copy of a church key with a number 1111. According to traditional tales, the monastery was named after sacral relics that were found there.

Besides monastery Moštanica, in the municipality you can find a great number of Orthodox churches, St. Sava House, and 4 mosque of the Islamic religious community.


Adventure Tourism

In his major parts, adventure tourism is tied to the Una and Sava rivers with high potential (proof of this is World Rafting Championship, held in 2009, tourist highly valorized). Also there are paragliding, hiking, biking and the possibility of developing the increasingly popular canyoning.

Hunting and fishing tourism

Una and Sava rivers, the lake Lipova Greda and mountain Kozara provide huge potential for development of hunting and fishing tourism.

The Una River all along its course through the municipality is an area rich in fish, the most abundant fish species: carp, catfish, pomfret, barbel and perch. It should be noted that the Una river is one of the largest white fish hatcheries in the world.

The Sava River all along its course through Dubica municipality abounds beautiful places that are perfect for fishing. This part of the river is known to be rich in fish, characterized by the fact that it is an area of unspoiled ​​nature in its original appearance, with its looks, accessibility and proximity to local communication roads it often attracts a large number of anglers.

Mountain Kozara has a rich variety of hunting wildlife, which makes its hunting reserve a rarity in this part of the Balkans.

Lipova Greda Lake Complex is located just along the river Una on the fourth kilometer of the Kozarska Dubica – Donja Gradina route. The basin aquatorium occupies 40 hectares with about 30 basins. Basins consists out of clean water coming from the river Una, filtered naturally through sand and gravel.

Business Tourism

Zepter hotel with accommodation and conference room meets all requirements of becoming the center of congress tourism in the Republic of Srpska.