Border crossing in Donja Gradina opened for freight traffic Print
Thursday, 15 March 2012 10:05

International border crossing Donja Gradina - Jasenovac is now officially open for freight transport. On this occasion border officials of both countries and representatives of municipalities Kozarska Dubica and Jasenovac today gathered on the crossing, because freight traffic on this crossing, on which the passenger traffic has been carried since 2007, everyone will be of great benefit.

Mayor Nino Jauz said that local economy annually suffers multimillion-dollar costs since the transition to the Donja Gradina was not used. In addition to municipality benefits from the crossings opening for freight transport a neighboring municipality will benefit too, because now the crossing in Gradiška, now overloaded in goods transition traffic, will be relieved.

Opening of crossing means a lot to neighboring Croatia. Assistant Head of Customs of Zagreb, Ante Mihaljevic said he was pleased that the good cooperation between BiH and the Croatia and continues through freight traffic. Mayor of Jasenovac Marija Mackovic said that the crossing opening will have the highest mean for the two enterprises in their agro-industrial zone, and that new services that go along with the recategorization of the crossing will effect in new job openings too.

Freight traffic will not slow down passenger traffic, and it is open to the mutual satisfaction of BiH and Croatia, said ahead of the ITA crossing manager Miroslav Kragulj.

As soon as some technical conditions left are resolved, all export-oriented companies in Kozarska Dubica will start to use the crossing in Donja Gradina, and that way reduce their costs. Mlijekoprodukt company still has to wait for inspections establishment in this crossing, says the company lawyer Nenad Vukic. Trucks of company HPK so far have crossed the border in Novi Grad, recalled the director of the company Jovica Suman.

As soon as the customs office in Donja Gradina is established, Dubicotton trucks will be referred to this transition. Weekly, twenty of them cross the border in Gradiska, says company director Drazen Vidovic, and adds that now, when the crossing is open for freight traffic, Dubicotton will save on transportation costs 70 000 euros per annum.