Incentives in amount of 100.000,00 KM approved to "Eko-Bel" Print
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:34

The Government of Republic of Srpska, on the session held on 5th July 2012, approved the incentives to company "Eko-Bel" Laktaši in total amount of 100.000,00 KM.

Funds are allocated as direct support of the financing of the construction of  the plant regarded of regional importance - AGROCENTAR for the purchase and processing of fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, berries and mushrooms in the Business zone "Lipova Greda" in Kozarska Dubica.

Eko-Bel zgrada

It is planned that in the course of 2012. will be built and put into operation the facility for receipt and preparation of fresh plant material with adequate storage space area with a 1,000-1.200 m2 with engagement of 600 local farmers as subcontractors, and in the course of 2013 is expected the construction of 1,000 m2 plant for the production of biocides.